Professor Z has captured Finn. Finn tells Z, he can escape. Z tells Fred Pacer to take him apart. Mater falls through the roof. Mater hooks the panel and pulls it. Finn and Mater crash through the door and starts driving away. Professor Z and his Henchman start chasing Mater and Finn. Drive on the boat. Professor Z keeps geting close to you. Mater's weapon is his hook. Finn's weapon is missiles. His Henchman also are chasing you. Once you get near the helicopter. Professor Z gets in the helicopter. The Helicopter carriers Z to Tony Trihull. Crabby sails in. Use Crabby and attack Tony. Crabby's weapon is missiles. Tony uses the Laser Beam Camera controled by Grem. Professor Z slides on the water and onto Crabby. Tony explodes and starts sinking.